Midlife  Synopsis

The story takes place in Los Angeles and New York City. It explores the life of David Stanton as he hits the backside of middle age and is unsure of what he wants to do and how he wants to spend the rest of his life. David works as a business consultant but has lost  enthusiasm for the job. On a business trip to New York City, he runs into his ex-wife, Vicki, and rekindles his attraction to her. Things become complicated when David visits Vicki's loft and finds that she is still living with her ex-husband. After a long night of knockdown, dragged out drunken drama, David and Vicki leave the loft and find a hotel room where they eventually are able to reconnect.

David returns to Los Angeles and has trouble dealing with his new friend, his boss, his daughter, and another ex-wife. David tries to keep life his in balance while doing a high-wire act, trying to to please all the women in his life. When Vicki moves to Los Angeles and wants to reunite, David must make a final decision that will determine the next stages in his life.

About the Production
MIDLIFE was written, directed, and produced by actor/filmmaker Greg Travis who also plays the lead role of David Stanton. For Travis, it was important that the film be shot and acted at a fast pace. In place of traditional script, a more flexible story outline was used for each of the scenes of this feature-length drama/comedy. This allowed the actors to give more spontaneous and sincere performances, giving Midlife the fresk look and experience that audiences are bound to remember. The film was shot in Los Angeles and New York. Careful attention was paid in finding just the right locations.

Inspired by works from John Cassavettes and Robert Altman, Midlife provides audiences with a fresh opportunity to consider one of the most thought about and perhaps least understood phases of life. The midlife crisis comes at different times for different people, but the questions raised are defining ones and the answers that we settle on have a profound impact on how we spend the rest of our lives. Questions about one's career and the personal relationships that have made us who we are up to that point in life require some level of resolution and clarity before those next steps can be taken. For David Stanton, the time has come for some answer.